Monday, February 8, 2010


I finally finished this little quilt! It's the meremeko
fabric that I inherited from my grandmother's stash.

This fabric is prior to 1965 which is when she passed away. I used the black and whites to really show this off and my sweetie helped me lay it out.

I found out after I washed it that it actually shrank a bit, so I rewashed it and stretched it again and it now looks perfect.

I hate prewashing but this is a lesson learned isn't it?

So this morning while washing this quilt, I washed the rest of the fabric that I have, about 2 large fat quarters.

I actually got this idea from Bumble Beans as she has some similar patterned quilts, so thanks to her I am quite in love with this pattern. It would lend itself to a jelly roll too, like Helen's quilt that I posted last week.
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