Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just popped in to visit one of my new blogging friends, Patchmaker Quilts. (see my blog list) and she has posted a few photos that she uploaded of these albino moose in Nova Scotia.

Not just one but a few and look, no snow on the ground.
Read her story as it's better detailed than what I could say as I don't paraphrase very well. The memory forgets quickly.

The house is finished! We are back to normal in every
sense of our being. The basement is a bit of a mess, but I was down there this morning and sorted through some of the excess. I think we will be having our first garage sale this spring. I have no idea how one goes about doing one, but I am sure with the help of my daughter and Mary that we can be successful. It's not that I have so very much, but some of our stuff is just too good to take to Goodwill.

Did I tell you of the absolutely best thing about the painting? No? Well here it is. About 6 years ago, while we were still at our "big" house, I lost a pair of earings, gold hoops that I'd had since 1961. I remember because it was the year Kelly was born. Anyway, I looked everywhere for them, and I mean everywhere in that house, all the drawers, closets and any little thing that I found, I would open it and look.

For the life of me, I just couldn't imagine what I'd done with them as I only have a few pairs that I wear at any time. I bought two pairs that year, one larger ones and a smaller pair (18k to boot) that I eventually gave to Kelly. So, I find this bathrobe that my sweetie has and it's been on a top shelf of his closet, as it was on the shelf of the "other" closet. I decided after all these years to wash it....as I am emptying the washer, I hear a clink! I look in the washer and...

OMG....I pull out one earing....I thought....what the .......... I shook the robe and the other earing fell on the floor.....I was whooping and hollering all over the house....sort of crazy dance too I think....and I am now wearing my absolutely favorite earings....Can you believe that? All those years, it's been in the pocket of a bathrobe that I probably wore twice in my life!

I'm happy!
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