Friday, February 12, 2010


I love to stipple, but am getting a bit bored with it as I do different quilting.

So I decided to practice some new ways to move my free motion foot. I practiced on a small piece and then came up with two different patterns, to work on the smaller of the strips.

I'm quite happy with them and I took my time as I have
a tendency to work fast in free motion spirit.

I have tried stitch in the ditch, but have a bit of trouble
with the stitch length. The stitches seem to be too tight
when I set the tensions. My instructions don't say how long they should be. How long should they be I wonder?

This little quilt is for a teenager who suffers from seizures and loves pink! My granddaughter suggested the coloursfor her and was supposed to help with the quilt, but other than the colours,she just didn't have the time. So knowing her school workload and her workout
schedule I realized that before she leaves for training
camp that there would be no way for her to make time to do this, so with love, I made it for her.

You can see the three different patterns on the back. I stippled the largest strip but will definitely do a few more patterns in the future. 365 days of free motion quilting offers so many ideas and I can incorporate which ever I like....with practice.

Today is the start of the Olympics! This will be two weeks of watching the "youth" of the world trying to do their best! Here in Canada, we will have hours and hours of coverage, not just prime time. It's a shame that countries do pay that amount of money, but only provide a couple of hours a day.

I have the knitting needles ready for some serious socks as I shall be glued to the tv for the next couple of weeks.

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