Monday, April 12, 2010


Well I did say we were going to the cottage to see what had happened to our little piece of paradise over the winter.

Helen and I brought lunch for the four of us. It was a warm, sunny day so we had lunch on the deck. Helen's sweetie has been making wine...We toasted to his success at making pinot grisot and celebrated the opening of the cottages.

We brought so much food that the four of us could have actually stayed over for a couple of days!

Here is a photo of our place all boarded up, not very inviting at first glance. But a half hour later, shutters were off, the deck was swept, the chairs were out and we were in business.

We had a broken glass on one window which appears to have been caused by the wind! Wierd, since the screen was undamaged, and just glass on the deck. We are so far out, about 6 miles that no one ever goes out there in the winter, too cold, so we never worry about breakins.

We were also surprised at how little debris there was around us. Usually, there is so many branches that have been blown off by winter storms and we need to clear a path to get to the cottage, but not this year.

Leaving the cottage, of course the wind came up and
we all got fairly wet going into the wind to return to
the marina. Not a nice journey, but still all in all
we are back at the cottage for the season.

This is the other jelly that I purchased, and I have brought home from the cottage a couple of patterns, one being a fan, and the other a daisy pattern.

I am thinking a 1930's style of quilt which I love to look at. It must be something in me that does that, as I love the fashions, and the movies of that era.

I have finished quilting two quilts which I will post tomorrow and am ready for new adventures!

Exciting things ahead. is having a giveaway of fat quarters to celebrate her birthday. I am posting this, but don't expect to win as I see some of the lucky people are entered.....I have some irish blood in me....what happened? But since Barb posted about it, now so many people will enter, so there you go.
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