Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here it is, the last big orange quilt that I'll ever make. If I do decide to do another, please feel free to shoot me!

I was looking at the finished quilts on my shelves and I have at least four which are orange as primary colour.

This one measures about 50 X 65, so it's an odd size too.I ran out of the large orange dots. My sweetie loves this one too as you can imagine. He looks at the work and not the colours.

I finished this little quilt for my friend. The back has
the black dots , yep used up a lot of the dots fabrics I
have too.

I didn't quilt the hats but just outlined them, so they are unheaded by any black threads. It's cute. And finished.

Too much going on yesterday to get to the workshop to see about doing a new project, but what with the new fabrics, I do have a couple of ideas beyond the new pattern I bought.

Getting caught up on my blog roll was quite time consuming yesterday, but worth while, http://myfatquarter.blogspot.com/ has a story of her daughter who has had 17 years living with a liver transplant. I should never complain of my life's little ills. The story is very moving and this young woman has a definite Passion for living. Worth a read.

Another sunny day...isn't life grand?

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