Thursday, April 15, 2010


I found these two lovely quilts in a book that I have at the cottage...given to me by my buddy Helen...I love them both.

I honestly have never done applique work. This Dahlia one, (that's the name of the quilt) is a 1930's scrap quilt.

I am of course thinking of more modern colours for the flowers and a more subdued yellow for the sashings.

Not only that, but I am thinking of trying Lap Quilting!
Yep, this is a whole new venture for me. I have been
intrigued by this method, specially so that if I was making a large quilt, wouldn't that be easier? Don't know how the method works, but I've seen a video a few times on it.

Ok, I've watched it a dozen times and for the life of me,
I can't figure the sashings that join the blocks together.

But...and that's a big but (my other one is too) I'm a
great stitch picker, so I suppose I'll figure that out too!

This one is also a 1930s quilt, and I love this pattern, I figure, that I can machine sew the fans together and do the curvey part by hand.

I made the mistake of asking my sweetie what he thought of the quilt with the blue sashings, (which I don't particularly like) and he says that he thinks that it is great with the blue.

What? there is nothing blue in our lives, not even when we are is not what I would call it!

Ok, so now I'm thinking blue...nope not gonna happen!

I have cut out all the fans using the jelly from American
Jane which is more country, so I'm getting ready to
start this.

Now this one is a Granny Fan quilt, fabric is also from a 1930s stash . I love this one, no sashings, which I couldn't do the lap quilting thing, but more to my liking I think.

I bought muslin fabric yesterday to cut out the 8 1/2" squares that they both go on.

Which to do? Also thinking of making the dahlia one with the Chez Moi fabric. More modern but still I think using only 8 colours to do it.

So, I'm not going to pump out quilts as I usually do. These two look like projects of an undertaking in a whole new direction for me....Helen is getting ready for these two.

We are heading to the cottage for good in the next few weeks, so I'll have them cut out and hopefully started with some semblance of order.

I'm feeling retro!

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