Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When I was reading the little bio on Eleanor Burns,
one of the things noted was that she charged twenty
five cents for each person that didn't put the cover
on the rotary cutters!

I usually do this, but today I forgot and was reaching for a piece of fabric and look what happened! Yep, three fingers sliced! I had to stop working while the fingers stopped bleeding. A little nic by someone on 325 mg of aspirin sometimes takes a bit of work. I didn't want to bleed on the geese.

Well the geese are done and if I could have downloaded the photos I took, you would have been proud! I am very very proud of myself for following directions.

Well almost...the first practice shot I cut 11 1/2 instead of 11" on the white. So I thought why would she put all that extra fabric to trim? Yeah, then I re read the instructions...11" OMG. And this is day one!

Well I must say that I am very pleased. The Queen of Quilt in a Day did it right. I made all the geese in about 5 hours of sewing, cutting and measuring. I wish I could have downloaded them by satellite, but maybe I can do something tomorrow.

Anyway, the fingers are healing, the sewing is put away for the day, and I am now going to tackle the cutting of the little flowers as directed. Of course when I made my templates....oh yeah, I cut them out of mylar no less, then read Eleanor's little note (cut flowers 1/4" larger than shown) So I shall make more I think, just to be right and following directions for the first time ever. Gosh you'd think I was a man!

Oh, I don't know if my friend even got to Ireland yet as the volcano was acting up in Iceland and maybe she went to Paris instead! Now wouldn't that be a treat!
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