Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ok, the Geese were so easy, of course once the instructions were in my head! I can actually make 4 of these babies in about 10 minutes. That's including the pressing and the trimming. Who would have thought it?

I tried to download them yesterday but the satellite just didn't seem to want to accommodate me. So here they are today.

Yes, I am proud. Remember I told you that these were my grandmother's favorite blocks. They show up in so many of her quilts. She used a cardboard template which I have amongst her treasures of quilting stuff.

Ok, now to the dilemna. See the flower? I think that the stitch may be a bit too wide, that I can fix. But the white keeps puckering. do I put a piece of paper under the white?

I have fusible web behind all three cut outs as directed.

I did ask ask Anya at Hillscreek quilter, who by the way has been honored with an lovely award for one of her quilts. Go see http://hillscreekquilter however she uses a blanket stitch but she did give me adivice for that if I went to that stitch. But I think satin is the way to go here.

Please, also do I use less tension on the needle? I have a very light tension for the presser foot all the time, so should I reduce the needle tension too?

I have read a few directions on the web which show how to do it but not the set up. Gosh, I can sew, it's the set up that I can't figure out.

I'm cutting out all the flowers for the quilt today and don't think I'll kill myself with the scissors and there should be no blood dripping as my fingers are healing.

I just never thought of quilting as a dangerous hobby. After reading Karen's comment about not quilting in bare feet in case the rotary cutter drops on the foot, my sweetie (who knows me well) said that he better up the insurance on me! Today, he said that I should be careful with the scissors as I could poke my eyes out!

What a man!

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