Monday, May 17, 2010


We have returned to our little "shack at the lac" as the saying goes about our little piece of heaven here in Ontario.

Not only have we returned but so have the humming birds. Only 2 so far and they are males, so the females can't be far behind. Usually about a week till they arrive and the mating season begins.

The photos that I've taken here are from American Patchwork and Quilting by Better Homes and Gardens. The feature quilter this month is none other than the queen herself Eleanor Burns.

I have all the fabric, the fusible web the backing etc. I even found
a machine quilter when shopping at Fabricland on Sunday. You know
if you listen to a conversation while browsing and hear the word
"quilt" well, the rest is easy. I asked if they knew of anyone who
did long arm quilting and low and behold one of the ladies does and she lives only 15 minutes from me! Now isn't that saying that karma happens when one least expect it!

Ok, I am also going to make the flying geese for the first time, make the flowers for the first time, follow directions for the first time, (that is to the letter almost).

There is a very good diagram of how to make the geese which I shall practice on some scraps before I begin in earnest.

Helen, my guru, my mentor, my very patient friend is off to Ireland for the next week with one of her daughters and her friend Susan. I am going to try on my own, but if I can't giterdone as the saying goes, I do have another project to start.

But I am full of confidence! I am going to make myself proud! I am starting tomorrow.

The weather is fabulous, very light breeze and it's 78 degrees in the shade of our deck. It just doesn't get any better than that!

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