Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here is the best photo I could take early this morning of the Flying into Spring quilt top designed by Eleanor Burns.

There is still enough hanging on the other side to hold it to the railing on the deck. I'm taking it home to be sent to the quilting lady in Whitby.

The Cumberland Chick advised that sometimes the long arm quilters do so much quilting that the quilt could be quite stiff. I'm going to make sure that this is done very simply.

Oh here's a question. Do you have everything pressed?
Does she do that? Is there something else I should know?
How is pricing discussed?

She says she has lots of patterns and samples of her
work, but since I've never met anyone else who does
this kind of work, I'm sort of in the lost section here.
Any help would be appreciated.

The quilt is just too big for me to do. Oh here's something much does it usually cost to have a quilt basted? I just can't do the floor thing due to the hip, so that may be an option for future use too since you are answering queries.

See the black bag there? Well I got it from Bikini Bay about 5 years ago. The bag was free because I bought 6 outfits that really didn't fit! Well they did till the second week of the holiday! Oh you can identify with that can
you? Now Trish from Compulsive Quilting, she usually
loses weight when she holidays....drinking the water or
some such excuse....twice she gets these mini spa results
during holidays! Kidding Trish!

The chair known as BearChairs here in Halliburton was made by my sweetie. We have 8 of them here at the cottage.

Anyway, I used my tape measure, copied it best I could
with the result that I am totally over the moon happy with it. The lining is from Cozumel when Mary and Bob were there last year. I'm making more of these very servicable bags.

The outside fabric is left over from indoor/outdoor fabric that I got for $5.00 per metre at Fabricland. I made cushions for the sofas here in the sun room.

It washes like a rag, really as I must wash the sofa cushions regularly. For under $30.00 I made five cusions and with the left overs I'm getting creative.

You know before I started quilting, I puttered around with sewing. I made some clothes for the kids, for grandkids, was never afraid to try most things. My granddaughter Tory and I went shopping for a bag for her to make to carry her "stuff" it had quilting in the pattern.....I just couldn't do this bag. Now three years later, I look at the bag and wonder why I was so nervous about quilting the little bag.
Yep, you know the answer, I'm going to make this bag. I'm also going to do the above bag with quilted fabric next too. I even added extra pockets so that I can use this for grocery shopping just like the black bag.

It is very wet here today, we had tropical downpours yesterday, it's humid and I can't believe my sweetie just asked if we wanted to go home early....we shall see.

My westie is so dirty he looks grey, I don't think I can even post a photo of him...we had a raccoon visit for the first time in three years and he has been under the cottage, running around in the mud, his feet are black , his face was so muddy that I washed it! He is getting a hair cut on Friday...I may not be able to wait that long for him to clean up! What a mess he is!

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