Friday, June 25, 2010


Watching for loons is a favourite passing time away activity at our cottage.

Where we are on the lake is about 6 miles out so the water is quite often a bit rough so the loons don't visit that much as they like calm and still waters to dive for their fish.

The loons we see right now at this time of year are the young males who haven't mated. Sometimes we will see as many as a dozen just moving down the lake on a quiet calm day.

This guy was just about 30 ft off our dock. He was
around for about 10 minutes, then he dove, came up
about 4 cottages along the way.

Our chairs which are the favourites of most cottages around, cherished by those that have them, sit on our dock awaiting someone to sit, have a coffee in the early morning watching for loons or waving to who ever is out early.

Canoers who are going on their early morning rides quite often stop by the dock to chat or even sit on the side of the dock to have coffee with us.

At our cottage we are in our sleeping attire till brunch is served, which is usually late in the morning. Everyone
knows we don't move to quickly in the am.

I'm happy to say thank you to Tricia for helping me restore my blog. It's back to almost normal. Wierd wierd day on the blog I tell you.

Thanks everyone who left comments about helping me with the quilting queries. I'm having it basted, I'll quilt it myself....and I should have called Helen who actually was home, but Ididn't know that. Another lesson learned.
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