Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have no idea what has happened to my blog.  For the past almost three years, my blog has been simple, plain red, no fuss no muss kind of a blog.

Well yesterday, it all went to pot.  I don't know what happened and no matter what I do, It's looking different.  Blogger had "new" templates so it seems, but how I got the "new" and not improved is beyond my simple mind!

Anyway, no photos today, I'm home, have put the Spring quilt in to be basted only.  The price for doing a "custom" long arm was way too much money.  Around $450.00 as she said no simple design could be used.

So, I asked that it be basted, which will be around the $100.00 mark.  It is probably a bit high, but I'm getting a good job done!

It's going to measure around 82" X 95" so I suppose that it's not too bad I think.

I'm going to work on the blog layout....any ideas?

Gosh, I almost forgot.  Look in my blog roll and look at "Quilting in my Pyjamas" for yesterday's blog.  I had tears rolling down my face...funniest blog and the funniest photos.  Boy!  Those Aussies are something I tell you!
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