Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ok, I was wrong! Adding more flowers makes this quilt! I have finished putting it together except for the sashings around the sides and the top.

It does look really good. I'm very happy with it. I just don't know whether I can quilt this on my little machine.
I'm going to have to think this's going to be at least 80 " X 90" by the time I'm finished.

That's a lot to do even with my trusty Janome 6600 which has a wider arm.

Can you believe that I actually pressed this with
this little dollar ironing board from Goodwill?

I kept moving the ironing board on the table, just pressing as I went along. My table is 6 ft long so it wasn't too difficult. Time consuming but not difficult.

It's a cold and rainy day at the cottage, I'm a bit chilled working in the sun room, so I think that just getting the room organized will take a bit of time, then, I'm done for the day.

Doesn't your mind wander when sewing? I was wondering how people get their blog names while I was sewing this morning.

I remember when I was setting up the blog, I had no idea what to call it, and I also was worried about spamming or some such, didn't know how secure a name was supposed to be. I think I tried "quilting for fun" or some such thing, and the blogger didn't allow that, so being me....and also not thinking too clearly at the time...I did the "quiltingforfunandmorefun" not realizing that it's such a pain to blog into that!

Now Karen, from "Karensquilting" she was thinking wasn't she? She was one of my early visitors to my blog, she suggested that I shorten it or change it as it was hard (and stupid when I thought about it) so I did "Quilting at the Cottage" because by that time I was here!

Why oh why didn't I do that in the first place? I found some of my favourite (Canadian spelling) blogs by their names. Think of it, "bejeweled quilts", "crispy quilts", "cutting edge", "quilting in my pyjamas" (now that's thinking) and of course the one that just got me was "cumberland island quilting chick" , "happy cottage quilter" and that's just a few!

How does a new blogger come up with excellent catchy names. I'm always thankful that Karen said to change my name. I find it hard to put all the http stuff together, and I'm the creator!

See what happens when I'm alone in a room with geese and boggles even my mind! If I didn't mention your name here, it's not that yours isn't unique, it's just that there are too many to mention, but my blog roll has many interesting names. Wombats, Giraffes, with doodles and whatever else has our interests.

We are a crazy bunch, we quilters!

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