Friday, June 11, 2010


After three days of miserable, damp, rainy weather we
awoke to this!

One of the other cottagers on this lake has a rowing boat for excercizing and on calm days he goes around the three islands on our little chain of same.

Of course the dog goes nuts when he sees them and has fallen in a couple of times wherein we must rush to the dock and pull him out! (Stupid and forgetful dog) But this morning he actually listened when I told him to stop at the top of the stairs.

On a calm day like today, we can hear trucks about a mile away on the south shore of the lake as they go about building or doing whatever it is that large trucks do.

With the awful weather and the "Spring" top almost finished, I'm thinking that I must get wool to knit or something else to do here. I need to make something simple again to get the juices flowing!

The learning process was brain draining for me and since I've not got that many left to get rid of I need to make some bags or some such to just not think too much.

Thanks for telling me about how you got your names! Some are quite interesting for sure. I think that's how we discover each other....we look and clik on the icon to see what we can discover. Some, that I followed early on in blogging have disappeared, a couple of special people passed away with family members telling us the end of a life and the blog. Others, I think like a lot of us do at times have taken a break from this as we sometimes feel that we MUST blog or we will be forgotten.

For those that have the businesses of fabrics, patterns and quilts, what a great way to make a living. Today I'd suggest that you go to "Bee in My Bonnet" who has photographed her studio....which is to die for....
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