Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Helen's Quilts for Newfoundland

I just want to post this photo of Helen's artistic
thinkin for the photos of her quilts she and Andrea
were taking to Newfoundland.

She has been busy making these for god children who live there.  I think the fact that she and her daughter do this together is bliss for Helen.

I am quilting a nine patch that I did last summer.  Why I chose such a "girly" quilt I don't know.  Anyway it's almost finished and it does look better quilted than not.

Do you find that too?  I think I like the finished product much more than the original top.  I have also finished one of the black colourful quilt tops from the winter.  I have two to go to get quilted but honestly, I like to spray baste so must await a calm day at the lake.

We have had humid humid weather.  I know it even reached Arkansas this humidity, but we can't complain really as winter will make us moan of the snow!
  Last night without winds, storms or change in the lake pattern, the humidity lifted to the point where I put a sweater on.  My sweetie is loving this morning.

Yesterday was my daughter's 50th.  I can't believe this!  I'm not that old!  She had a wonderful dinner with friends who have known her all those years. 

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