Monday, July 11, 2011


 Last week I did ask for a few hints regarding the recovering of sofa cushions.  Well, my friend Helen gave me the best lesson in making square corners.

These two sofas were an impulse buy about 10 years ago.  I hated the backs as they were so bulky and out they went.  I have had different pillows over the years to put along the back and people makethemselves very comfy smooshing pillows behind themselves.

I also have made different seat covers over the years.

Well this spring, I really noticed the wear and tear of people and of course the, this is what I did.

I bought a solid piece of foam for the seats.  Then, my sweet cut the former seats down to seventeen inches for these to become the back.

We used a table saw, which unfortunately had to be cleaned afterwards as the glue from the batting and the foam really made a mess.  I didn't have an electric knife here as I know this is really a good way to cut foam.

Saturday, I only managed to do the seats, but Sunday, I was a whirling girl....I actually measured, cut and was able to sew the five backs. 

Not only that, but looking through a magazine, I noticed this fabric is also part of the Lazy Boy collection for their reclyners.  How good is that?

Her is Brooke Shields, sitting on the same fabric.

The total cost for the project was about $240.00.  I bought the fabric on sale, once at 30% and then 50% when I decided to do it right.  The foam was the most expensive. 

So, now that this is done, I'm going to try and get some quilting done. 
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