Friday, July 15, 2011


This is the summer studio.  How tiny is that?  See the green antique suitcase?  Well it holds the threads, needles, extra notions that just works fine for me.

The two bins hold fabrics and batting.  On the wall are hung the rulers, scizzors and you can't see it but the extension cord for the iron.

The black quilt I finished this week
from the Wallmart jelly from the
winter.  I have the larger one to finish yet.  I can't find the batting which I packed, I thought.  So I must buy batting unless it surfaces.

I decided to do a yellow backing and give the back a bit of a boost also, which makes the whole thing very
cool for a kid I think.

When I was quilting, I thought I'd try the elusive walking foot which made me happy that it works fine.

It certainly looks better in real time, but don't they all?

The room has another large piece
of furniture which stores every-
thing from soup to nuts as storage is at a premium here at the cottage.  I have no idea where to put my finished quilts!  There isn't room in the cupboard which has about a dozen cans of spray glue.  I forgot that I had so many and a friend gave me two which she thought she owed me....I will need to store these come winter as I don't think they freeze well.

Then, I thought, why not do the Helen
trick and put the quilts on the line.

The one little problem was that there wasn't a wind.  Typical of my thinking.  In any event, here is the last nine patch that I think I will ever make.  I just decided this, as I have been making one each summer.

The back of it is white.  No point in boring you with the details of white

This little quilt is for my friend who belongs to the red hat society.  Actually more pink than red, but I thought the lake layout was pretty.

Typical of me again, I'vedownloaded the great room and quilts all mixed up, but since the photo op took about a half hour to download, here is the other
side of the room.

It's a sunny afternoon so I should be outside.  I'm going there now.

I even bathed the dog today as we are going home Friday for our wedding of the summer. 

The brave little guy is back to being stupid as Westies can be.  Actually, not stupid but very stubborn, not too much different from this owner's point of view.

Have a great weekend.
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