Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've said that our friends Mary and Bob are here for the week.  Well the weather isn't the greatest at times, so Mary decided to knit.  These fingerless gloves are a huge hit with young and old.  So very cute and so simple to make.

I make them for charities at the hospitals and also am now making them for shelters so that people can feel good at times of need.

We have had rain on and off, but when the sun came out yesterday, we packed up goodies and took an afternoon boat ride on the lake.

We came upon this sweet cottage all locked up, sitting forelorn on a point of the lake.  I hadn't been to this end of the lake for a few years and didn't remember this little beauty.

This is happy me with Wilson the Wonder dog on the lake.  He loves putting on his very cute red boat coat.  It was such a great day that after this photo was taken I removed the jacket as it was just too warm.  Imagine, September 28th...

As we cruised the lake, we saw a little waterfall that was trickling down and we all commented that next year we would be back in the spring to see the gushers!

I have been quilting a bit.  I had this fabric which was my mother's material from the Virgin Islands.  Well her little pouch that has been her favourite for 50 years, finally bit the dust, so I took the bag apart, copied the bag, quilted this little bag for her.  The ends are recycled from her canvas bag and she will just love it.  On the right top is Tortola BVI...Bliss for my mom who is 92 yrs old.

 Oh, and the bear has visited our neighbours again.   We are told that it will probably be back and back for the next couple or years.  OMG!
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