Sunday, September 25, 2011


Roz sent me this from California.  It took forever to arrive at our little post office.

Roz said she sent one to Israel and Italy too and they had received theirs a while ago.  Snail mail for sure.

Anyway this is so cute.  I expect that when I travel to Florida this fall that this will carry my needles.

I love this.. it's like a little purse and
it is so delicate to see. Thank you Roz

I noted on her blog that she had a cook book in print too, so have a boo there.

It is an absolutely beautiful fall day here at the cottage. So much so that we took our last cup of coffee to have on the dock.  Those days will come to an end soon enough so we take each as it comes.

While I came up from Whitby on Friday,
it was raining for most of the way, but still
the colours of autumn are breathtaking.

I took this photo while driving up highway 35 to Dorset.  It doesn't do the colours justice, but still the trees are in full autumn bloom.

The loons are busy here too when the lake is calm out our way.  There is lots of little bass at the end of our dock so the loons get a full feed.

Yesterday a humming bird was at our flowers who are looking pretty sick these days, but Helen, who is only a few cottages away saw a fat hummer getting his last feed from her feeder before heading to warmer climates.

All around us there are closers.  The lake is beginning to have fewer and fewer of us hardy folks around.  Next week there will only be a couple of us here, but for the Thanksgiving weekend, many return to close for the season. 

Just an update on the bear issue....the bear is gone...hopefully for good, but we are ever vigilant at night.  Just so that he doesn't tear the door off the garbage bin we have left it garbage in it, but he doesn't know that. 

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