Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 Yesterday was my birthday.  Oh I don't dwell on it because I've had more birthdays behind me than I do coming to me.   My friend Mary arrived with a blueberry pie (which is my fav) and it was the most delicious ever.  She used 5 cups of blueberries so you know she didn't skimp!

It's been fabulous fall weather and of course lots of people get married in the fall.  The door was at a country wedding that my daughter and her kids attended over the weekend.

Isn't that just the most clever way of using an old door?  The bride's family live on the farm where the wedding was held.  I am definitely going to look for
an old door like this!

 I wish I could say I took this photo of the sunrise last weekend, but alas, it was taken by someone else.  The person didn't leave their name, just the photo on a weather site.

Isn't it just perfect?  It looks so eirie.

We have many strange mornings at the lake in the fall.  We are now being inundated with falling acorns.  They are
everywhere!  It's taking one's life in peril
to walk near them.  Or worse to step on
them on the ground.  They are like ball

Fall days at the cottage also bring a calm to the waters that sometimes the reflections are such that it is hard to tell up or down in the photos of scenery.

The pines are blowing their needles this year also and when there is a breeze, it's
raining pine needles. 
Here is a photo of the wedding people all dressed up.  Our boy loves dressing up.  The life of everyone is so busy these days that to get together to have a photo op is special.

The days are getting shorter for sure.  We are now quite dark by 8 pm.  But that means we get to see the beautiful stars at night here since there is so few people on the lake it is very dark indeed.

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