Friday, September 30, 2011


I love making bags!  I'm the bag lady of the family.  I used to make jean bags with jeans about a size 6 for kids.  I'd put fabric pens in the pockets, and put a strap on the jeans so that the kids would have little overnight bags to bring to Nana's house.

Then, I started making these jean bags as birthday gifts for granddaughters' friends which were always a huge hit.

Tory, granddaughter of mine went to a girl's house recently, and saw a jean bag.
She knew it was made by her Nana, so she
asked the girl where she got it.   From her
babysitter when she was 5 she said.

Yep, my other  granddaughter Courtney  had given it to her as a birthday gift that many years ago.

So, I still make bags.  The recycling experience has been awesome for me.
One year, a friend and I made the jean bags in larger sizes for groceries as
Christmas presents.  A big success.

I'm still stopped and asked where I got
the jean bag I use weekly.

The bags above were given as gifts of course
and are used all the time.

The little travel bag is a cake.  Not made by me, but I loved it of course and if I was to get one of these, I'd definitely eat the kangaroo on my way to Australia.

These bags you see were made this week.
Today, the two with the red straps are copies of my mother's 50 year old bag with me making the larger one as I up the anty on my bag lady experiences.

On rainy days here at the cottage, I can
be found at the machine making bags.  This little one I made last year to try and please my mother, but it wasn't heavy enough for her.  Not substantial she said..get canvas.

That is canvas, but light, so now these are all doubled and are used by my mother and the cast offs of her displeasure are used by the grandchildren and their friends.

I used to have cards made up called "Baggie Jeans"  just so that I'd have a different card with which to identify my bag lady status.

So the tradition continues.

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