Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 This is actually made of quite small yo yos.  They were made using the tops off milk bottles.

The quilt in the photo fits on a queen size bed.

It was made around 1930 by my aunt's mother in law.  All hand pieced, and sewn together.

The yo yos are not sewn to another back, but just float on whatever background you wish to use.

Quite an amazing piece of work!

In the cabin was this old stove which apparently still works quite well and on cold winter days the cabin is heated using this stove and the fireplace which is made of the huge stones from the lake.

Of course one doesn't remove stone nowadays, but in the mid 20s and 30s, it was the thing to do.

The cabin is made using so much recycled materials that it was all quit overwhelming to see so much "old" stuff.   

I have seen a few old yo yo quilts, but this one was quite a work of art.

There are many more quilts to show when I post in the future.  We have had so much company that it will be nice to just relax for the next few days and start -or finish- work here at the cottage.

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