Saturday, September 1, 2012


When we were in Maine for a few days, we were invited to a BBQ lunch at the heritage center in Limestone.

There were a few quilts there from 1930s.  The hexagon quilt was particularly sweet and in very good shape.   Donated by one of the local ladies in remem-
 brance of her grandmother.

The quilt wasn't very heavy as there was no lining.  It was a summer quilt so I was told.  The lack of lining was also in the second scrappy quilt from the 1940 era as the tag said.

I didn't realize so much coloured
fabrics was available then.  But it was.

There were many items in the little museum, all donated by local people which isn't much as Limestone is quite small, and only about 30 miles from Caribou, and an area that is know for farming potatoes. 

This little dress, which looks like a size 0 was actually worn by someone!  I tell you it is really tiny and was handmade too.  The lace collar was bought and could be removed to fit another dress.  I do not know the fabric of the dress, but it is in great shape.

I am not one to do a lot of browsing but this place was amazing with all the antiques which were so well preserved.

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