Tuesday, September 25, 2012


When we were in Maine, the houses were so colourful that I decided to make these little houses from a Moda pattern that I saw.

I changed it of course because the houses are smaller due to the wonky bias squares I could not get straight.  Pinning, and more pinning on the next project will be my motto.

I have made three of these little baskets. I love them.  I think that they would be 
be great for fruit bowls or even fitting a bowl into them to keep the food warm.  

I have had inquiries about their sale...what does one pay for these I wonder?

Sometimes the work doesn't pay in the least as we would be making about a dollar an hour for such items....oh well.

Complaint of me on blogger...the "don't be a robot" continues to defy my mind!  I sometimes need to try at least three times to post.  I get so aggravated that I move on to another post!  Why do I have such a problem I ask myself each time I see that icon...."oh no!" is my usual first thought...."not again".   So I send pms to the bloggers, but that doesn't show on the blog...is it me?

Made a new cookie recipe from Michael Smith.  Here in Canada his cooking show is wonderful and he has easy but so yummy recipes, however, his chocolate cookie recipe doesn't come close to my "best chocolate cookie in the world" one.  So another recipe bites the dust.  Mine also makes a bigger batch and can be frozen in the dough stage.

We are alone once again on the island, our neighbours are gone as of early yesterday morning.  I could here the boat at dawn as it started up...such a change from activities all summer long.

Today, Bob and Mary, our best of friends are coming back for a few days to help get the cottage ready for closing.  Of course I am to be a birthday girl tomorrow, so that may be one reason!  

The water levels continue to drop to the point where yesterday as I walked the dog, I had a lot of beach to walk on...it is a sign.

This is the season of colds, flues, coughs etc.  My sweetie is in full swing of the dreaded three.  Granddaughter and her mother have it too....I am so far good.  Am also taking cold fx to guard myself, so that may help.
Another short blog!

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