Thursday, September 27, 2012


 My mother had a beach bar in the Virgin Islands, the British Virgins to be exact, from the mid 70s to the mid 80s.  During that time she entertained many celebrities during her time running her little beach bar.

She was known for her lobster sandwiches, her pina coladas and of course her banana bread which were part of her foods at her little beach bar.

She had a motto that she must be notified well in advance for dinner reservations, which she basically decided the menus.

This, being in the days before cells etc, reservations from yachts were made by ship to shore calls.   Ok, here is the Andy story.

A yacht known as "The Eagle" wasn't large, large, but for its time, it was THE way to travel for many celebrities.  So, it arrives in Cane Garden Bay, (see photo above) and the captain comes ashore to ask my mother if there could be reservations for dinner that night. He explains that they had problems with their ship to shore phone....

My mother tells him that he hasn't reserved in time and no it cannot happen tonight.  He tells my mother that Andy Williams is aboard with a small party.   My mother tells the captain that she doesn't care if he comes ashore singing Moon River, dinner is not going to happen.

About 15 minutes or so later, the captain again comes ashore with Andy W and he enters the bar, walks up to my mother and begins singing Moon River.  My mother, with a bar full of people goes all shy and says Ok, ok, you can come to dinner.

He had a party of eight including himself, brought his own music, stayed about two hours and tipped my mother, her staff of two  $800.00.   The biggest tip for dinner she ever received.

RIP Andy Williams, a true gentleman. 

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