Monday, September 24, 2012


As the days are dwindling here at the cottage, I am down to what I think are the last couple of quilts of this season.

My granddaughter Courtney who is a canoe/kayak racer requested a quilt with that motif on it a while back. 

I just could not get my head around what to design...then I realized that the letters I had would fit into my little charm pack!

Voila!  A simple but effective quilt.  I designed the paddles to indicate the sport, and put the flip flops there because everyone leaves these on the docks as they go out in their boats.

I am very very pleased with this and can finally put it out of my head.

I crochet.  Not too well but do operate in the no fear zone when trying some
stuff.  This is the third in the series
of trials and errors, making these
bowls.  I had 3 metres of fabric that was very colourful, but would never be used for a backing as it was a  juvenile kind of print, so I cut it on the length about an inch wide and here is the result.  It is sturdy and would be a good fruit bowl, or a small dish could be put inside.  I have
some scraps which I am connecting to make some more. I see this as part of my winter projects.

This is a photo of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia.  I wish I'd taken it, but alas, I am not so lucky to have had this kind of day while visiting Nova Scotia.  But a wonderful  natural photo.

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