Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 September begins with days such as this photo on the right, calm mornings with loons sending their song over the lake.

Our lake has amazing echos.  It used to be called Hollow Lake by the natives who inhabited the surrounding areas.  The name denoted the echos of the area.

On autumn nights, we can here
the wolves howling across the Highlands that surround us.

We get fierce storms from our southern neighbours, which sometimes result in beautiful 
rainbows.  We also often get double rainbows, but they cannot be seen by my camera.

On warm morning of September we sit on our deck and enjoy the simple sounds that surround us here.  It is why we love being here.

Of course September means thinking of closing up too.  So here is the sweetie, bringing the kid's boat to our winter storage, which is up on a small crib on the rocks at the shore.  Keep in mind that this boat is about 10 
feet by five feet, so not an easy task for my big guy to drive.

But, this morning, on my birthday no less, it is warm and balmy, just a light wind and coffee on the dock was the order of the day.  The mid season warmth continues, which we hope will still be here in two weeks when we have our Thanksgiving dinner.  There will be neighbours and friends, along with family for a pot luck supper of turkey and fixings.

That weekend will mean that most of our neighbours will have their closing of their cottages too.  Lack of water for boat docking is what really is a problem for cottagers here as the damn at the end of the lake is opened to allow fish spawning.

It will certainly be quiet.

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