Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My granddaughter suggested I change the blog to "NanaQuilts" because of who I am. So today is my first day of blogging with my simple new name.

We had snow here in Whitby yesterday and it was so cold for this time of year. My darling Westie, Wilson just doesn't like walking in rain or snow, so I put his coat on him. Alex walked him before the snow fall, and it was raining then, he doesn't like any of that.
This quilt is called "Lime Sherbet" because of the lovely lime colour that sets it off. It is another strippie quilt, not yet destined for anyone. I have a cousin that has a new baby girl named Sophia and I may get this to her.
Jerry has moved all the quilting stuff to my "sewing room" in the basement. I hope I can last there this winter. It does get chilly there, but since we will be in Florida for the month of January and also part of February, well it won't be a long stay down there.

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