Monday, October 20, 2008

This is the quilt that I made for Kylie Marie, my new niece. She was born Sept. 7th. I'm so glad it was a girl because I didn't make a gender neutral quilt.

I loved the pink in this quilt and again, it was all those left over pinwheels that I had left from Tory's quilt. It is a variation of a "strippie" and the backside is a pink sheet with tiny checks.

I made this in a couple of days at the cottage, when the weather was really terrible. We had so much rain this summer that I didn't get a tan. On the other hand, I made quilts.

My granddaughter Courtney, would love a quilt too, but she is colour specific. She must realize that all my quilts are "creative" challenges, challenges being the operative here.

Tory took her quilt to her bedroom yesterday and she has been waiting for months for it. I wish her happiness with her "Raspberry sherbet" quilt.

Happy Birthday to my Jerry, he is 58 yrs old today.

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