Friday, October 24, 2008

Blueberry quilt

Another day of posting and feeling more comfy doing it. I took a photo of Helen's Uki Box and it has raised a lot of interest. I am going to try to make a pdf file to send to the interested people.

Being pretty basic in computer stuff, I shall have to bring in the troups, ie the granddaughters who know how to do this stuff.

The is another strippie and when I made it I had bought the blue which is an unusual colour for me as I don't normally wear blue at all and the print which is large looked good to me at the store because of the fish. It was a simple quilt to make and the back is also blue. We use this as the lap quilt of choice at the cottage even though it really doesn't go with anything there as I like very simple one might call me boring in my colour choices.
The first photo of the great room tables is where I did all the quilting this summer. For my family looking at this photo, they know I attempted to "stage" the shot as there is no sewing stuff in site. I like this room as it is airy, the trees are all around me and the windows being weather walls, can be raised up or down depending on the weather. The room is sunny here in the afternoon with the sun filtering through the trees and I can see the lake a bit from this vantage point. Very peaceful.
I made my first quilt label for Kylie Marie yesterday and sewed it on last night. I hope my printing improves, but the quilt which I called "tutti fruitie" is being mailed to British Columbia today.
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