Friday, November 21, 2008


Today is granddaughter Alexandra's birthday. We gave her an Ipod and her sister was happy that we did as no one will have to listen to Alex play the same song over and over.

I finished the quilt. It turned out so well and the new machine which is the 6600, Janome is everything that it is supposed to be. I stippled it and it really looks good.

The quilt which had the errors in my measuring the 9 patch finished up looking quite different and it is very "square" at about 60" . I felt like I was in a "zone" doing this quilt and I suppose after 10 months of quilting....using that word loosely....I finally finished one that looks like it is supposed to.

We went to Kelly's today and the bedroom project is coming along well, with Jerry getting instructions to not be too "perfect" and he is going to make Courtney's shelves for her cupboard. I was amazed at how neat her drawers were. Perfectly folded sweaters, tshirts, pants, socks folded etc. I tell you she could give the army lessons in folding. Unbelievable for a 16 yr old!

So tomorrow I will plan another quilt...hopefully I can find some fabrics on sale and be inspired.

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