Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, I finished the top of this quilt. I didn't do the sashing the same at each side as I don't want it to be square. So I did 5 1/2 on the sides and 3 1/2 on the top or visa versa which ever I decide looks best.

Now, of course if I could learn to read directions the blocks would be 3 1/2" nine patch and I wouldn't have had to mess around with the yellow to make the squares 9" square. So frustrating, otherwise it would have taken me a day to cut and at least start to put this together instead of looking at it and hitting myself up the side of the head for being stupid. But fortunately it's fabric and I could fix it. I do love it though and Jerry says he really really likes it.

Now I must decide to finish it stippling or in the ditch to quilt it. I really think it calls for the stippling...oh joy, just what I have been practicing for the past week.

Since I played bridge yesterday, doing my best not to be too disruptive to the people who have put up with me over the past 10 years of playing with that group, and forgetting so much over the summer that I should be in lessons, I think I will read up on bridge bidding and see if I do better there than reading quilting directions.

We have had our first snow of the season...the dog loves it, the kids love it and I am staying indoors and looking out till it melts.

Yesterday we had the warning that it would snow, so I shopped for food and decided that we should hybernate for a couple of days till this stuff disappears.

We will probably go to Kelly's to take photos and see what she and I can do to enhance Jerry's life once again by having him do some woodworking for us and making him follow our directions for Courtney's room without his going nuts! We want to keep it simple and "No Jerry, you aren't supposed to look at the floor" sort of thing because the first thing he will say is that it looks like it should be finished. Not going to happen..right Kel?

I can't believe how many people have commented to this blog. I am so happy to have a few of my fellow bloggers commenting. It really completes my day.
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