Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Finally yesterday afternoon Jerry finished the shelves for my sewing needs. They just look fantastic and with the white shelving it makes the area look so bright.
I spent the early part of this morning "staging" it just to look at it on the computer. I hope to fill up the left side with quilts and even the cherished ones from my aunt. I found another this morning which is very raggedy and will need some repairing it. It's a log cabin of some kind which my grandmother and great aunt did so many years ago. I'm going to put a new binding on it and fix it the best I can.
Well I did fix the measurements that I failed to notice when cutting out the new quilt, and put it together yesterday while Jerry was finishing the shelves. He said it was one of his favorites. Great! I am off to Kelly's today to see how she is coming with Courts's room since she's in Florida training, her mother will surprise her when she comes home in two weeks.
I have tools and am ready to do the best I can to help her. So off I go.
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