Monday, November 17, 2008

2 1/2 is not 3 1/2.

Well last week I started a new quilt and for some reason mistook, 2 1/2 " binding for the measurement for the 9 patch. Consequently, the 9 patch was too small, so I had to add yellow strips around it. I think it will look quite good, but it wasn't what I wanted.
Another lesson learned "Read twice, cut once" I think will be my new motto.

My shelves will be finished today. The units are up, but not completed as Jerry will put the remaining shelves up where I want them. It looks brighter already with the white shelves there.

We didn't do much yesterday as we watched the final Nascar race which didn't change the results of the champ, but we found the race exciting.

I went to Fabricland with a 50% off coupon and their quilting fabrics were just plain boring, so I gave the coupon to another customer for her use. She was pleased, not a quilter but had bought a lot of fabric and didn't have the mail coupon. I did my good deed. There was a lot of 40% off fabrics, so my couplon wasn't good for that anyway. I am going to Ajax today and will see what that Fabricland has. It's got to be better than Whitby.

Today will be a day to walk the dog, yesterday was so damp that I played stupid and ignored him, but gotta do it today even though it is going to be cold and damp again. But then it is November.

We went to see our granddaughter off to Florida for her training camp in kayaking. Lucky girl and being a teenager, even though I said to watch the weight of her stuff, she was a bit overweight by 3 kilos. The airline charges $10.00 per kilo, so she lightened her load by carrying on. She's gone for 2 weeks...and looks like she will have good weather.
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