Sunday, November 2, 2008


This photo was taken of a granddaughter, Courtney and her friend Doug doing crazy dives at the cottage 2 weeks before we closed in mid October.

The water was about 60 degrees, which is really cold and they jumped in and out for ages doing this kind of stuff. I took this with a telephoto lense from the deck.

These two along with Jeremy also water-skied most of the day. They did wear wet suits for skiing because the breeze at 22 mph was kind of cool.

Ah the young, they feel nothing but joy and doing wild stuff.

Today, the change of time "fall back" I am going to wake up at 5:45 for ages until my body clock gets used to it and then we will return to daylight saving time. I wish it stayed daylight saving all year round. So for the next few weeks I shall be up so early that even the birds won't be up.

Today, being sunday, we are going to go to the basement and work on the new area for my sewing area such as it will be. Jerry is not going to get fancy with this. I just want to be able to put my fabric etc on some shelves to keep the area neat. I am sick of the bins and they are always so messy looking.

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