Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a Day

Well I meant to start early this morning to put my post in for today as I have promised myself to try and do it daily, but we stayed up late to watch the elections, then an early dental appt left me with hardly anytime to even get to the computer.
I have tried to make my blog look more to my liking, but since I am not very literate when it comes to the computer, being almost self-taught I have a hard time making the headings, and blogs I follow, the colours and putting it all together. I am sure others have a hard time making their blogs individual too.
I went to the dentist to discuss a bridge, implant or leave alone small tooth area that was removed last year. I just didn't like the $3,000.00 figure for the implant, and almost the same for a bridge that my dentist said would cost, so I asked for a second opinion from my oral surgeon dentist where I have teeth cleaned, and he said if it didn't bother me to leave it alone for a while and see how I am next year, well that is better because the economy isn't exactly up these days and investments aren't doing well as everyone knows.
I took my Janome circa 1990 or thereabouts to get a facelift and it will be returned on Tuesday. I asked after 10 yrs for the needle threader to be replaced. My eyes just aren't what they used to be and I have been placing a piece of white paper behind the needle and praying that I was able to thread the bloody thing in the first 20 tries. I have even removed the needle, inserted one of those threaders through the needle, put the needle back in the machine. Talk about being cheap.
The quilt shoppe where I bought the Janome 6600 has great fabrics, but so expensive compared to Fabricland. The price with my discount is about $10.00 per metre. I have some fabric in my stash, but not enough to make some more "male" type of quilts.
I wish there were lots of fabric stores here in Canada, but it is very limited. I may use online buying.
Obama is going to be president of the US. What an historical event. I remember when John Kennedy was elected the first catholic president. That was also an historical event.
As I said earlier.....what a day.
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