Monday, November 3, 2008

Wilson the Wonder Dog

This is our 3 yr old westie, who rules the roost and as Kelly says, "the child we never had" Jerry being my second husband and no children but many dogs over the years.
However as we say to Kelly, that if she treated us like Wilson we would do the same to her as we do to to Kelly.
He is a great dog and is very patient when I am sewing at the cottage. He will wait for a long time before he makes me crazy to play with him. At the cottage we can't go for walks like we do in Whitby. He and I will walk a few cottages over then back, which is enough for him to get a good run. He still likes his toys and specially any toy that has a squeek in it. He doesn't destroy them and just loves to play catch.
I am finishing up a quilt which is another lap quilt and last night while hand sewing the binding, Wilson wasn't happy because he couldn't get on my lap. Tough, quilting comes first. I haven't named it yet, but tomorrow when I post the photo of it, hopefully someone will suggest a good name, knowing I like ice cream names, or fruit names.
I am going to call for my sewing lessons on the new machine this week. I am getting the hang of it and am loving it very much. I am also taking in the old Janome to get cleaned etc. It seems to be a tension problem.
Oh,, I hate a day such as this, the rain came in last night, blew leaves all over the back yard, about 200 of them since our trees are so new that there is hardly anything, but it means that the weather will get colder and then the snow will come. We are expecting a few warm sunny days this week, so it will be hard to go to the basement and sew. But today, dark and rainy, I am going to sort through more "stuff" as I am decluttering.
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