Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Did I ever tell you of these hats? Aren't they something?
Wouldn't they make wonderful New Years Party Hats?

Well Andrea who is Helen's daughter at the cottage bought these at a charity auction.

There's actually four of them, but these two came out the best. They are handmade, really quite functional and so absolutely individual creations that we couldn't resist posing with them on one afternoon!

There are lavish feathers, silks and veils interspersed on the caps. So comfy too.

Imagine wearing something like this to an opera or some fancy outing. But who wears hats today? Hardly anyone except to an evening wedding I suppose.

Anyway, Andrea just couldn't resist these and they are now carefully stored in lovely hat boxes. So very elegant.

Well almost the New Year eh? What's the plan for the next 12 months till we do this again, for me it's just trying to do appliques in quilting. I know it's just a matter of doing the first one and then moving on. I saw some tea cups that looked interesting or maybe umbrellas put on a blue and white background. Lots of ideas. Finishing the red quilt will be a priority for sure.

Courtney my granddaughter who went to the Laurentiens to ski has been sick since getting there, she says she has an awful cold, possibly and ear infection too. So the whole gang is coming home today as I hear that there are a couple of others not feeling well too.

Kelly is awaiting the teenage patient as I write this and has drops for her ear and cold tablets for the stuffy nose.

We keep a pretty low profile for New Years Eve, usually spent with a few friends. This year we are just going across the street, to have chinese food, play cards and try to stay awake till midnight. I am such an early riser that by the time 9 pm comes around, I'm almost ready for bed...as a matter of fact hardly anyone ever calls after 9 pm as they know we go to bed early.
But I'll try this year to be up till midnight.
Happy New Year to all my family and fellow bloggers who have made me so happy visiting this past year.

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