Friday, January 2, 2009


I didn't write this poem, it comes from another site.

I'ts winter in Canada

And the gentle breezes flow

seventy miles an hour

And it's 40 below.

Oh how I love Canada

when the snow's up to your butt

You take a breath of winter

and your nose closes shut.

Yes the weather her is wonderful

So I guess I'll hang around

I could never leave Canada

I'm frozen to the friggin ground!
I loved this.
Now I think this is a funny poem and certainly pertains to our usual weather here in the frozen north. However today is a balmy day and it was fun walking in the sunshine.
I don't know what it is, but I'm not in a quilting mode. I have the bright quilt on the machine, needle in the down position and ready to stipple some more, but just don't feel up to it. Maybe tomorrow I will. I saw where crazymomquilts aka Amandajean has done 34 quilts this year. 34!
I thought I was going blazes with 10 done and another couple to finish, but I hold nothing on her.
She says her quilts aren't that large so can make a lot of them, but she's sore from all that quilting!
Well hurrah for those of us that are just humans doing a little bit at a time. I am more concerned with getting a pattern to work than sometimes in the end product. Oh yeah and not cutting out enough squares etc to make 5 quilts! My new year resolution is to try and do the math with some semblance of normalcy. Really, I must read where it says "total".
I am going to make Kelly's amazing banana bread recipe today. She usually "doesn't follow the recipes Nana" says Courtney, but Kel wrote this one down, so here's hoping it works as well for me. If it does, I will post it even though I don't do the recipe thing.
I do have a recipe given to us by Monica because we threatened her for years for this particular recipe. Now Monica is not a cook persay, she just looks beautiful and is always helpful, but she does have this secret recipe that she brought for years to gatherings. Well after about 10 years she finally gave it to us. Dawn and I couldn't believe how simple it was.
So if you ask me for it, I shall send it privately. It's that good and that easy...
The banana bread is a different matter. If it works out, I'll definitely post it here.
I smell the rotten bananas waiting to be cooked!
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