Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I gifted myself this morning. I bought a new issue of Better Homes as it has become my new best favorite magazine. I still love Fons and Porter but gosh these last couple of issues of BHG just are the best.

I have so many ideas for the new year and this just helped me plan!

Courtney has the flu, and an ear infection to boot. This morning we went to the doctor's to get the diagnosis. We were treated by what is called a

Practical Nurse who has vast experience in

diagnosing patients and even issuing prescriptions.

It was a very good experience and Courtney will have to forgo her training schedule for the next few days to a week. She was more concerned about her training program being put on hold than her illness. In any event the girl is in bed, with amoxicillon and moaning and groaning as teens will do. Her mother is practicing being patient. Not a small feat for mother and daughter both. I love them both so much and can't wait till they become fast friends again instead of mother and daughter, just like Kel and I are now. They are so funny together...

Oh my it's cold today, so cold that my walk with the dog was short. It's only 14 above zero F. That's cold in any country, but here in Canada, well we talk of the weather. It's in our psychy.

I wonder what they talk about in, say, Australia. Surely it's not the weather. Must be how may bodies were roasted on the beach on Sunday would be a better topic. You know I hear it's the only country that the roasters turn over by themselves... sick joke.

See you next year

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