Saturday, January 3, 2009


This quilt is by Deb at

She lives in Canada and when I saw this quilt, I just thought that the colours were amazing, the quilt itself set with the setting just made "one fine quilt" so I am posting it here for you to see.

I visit her blog just to look at this quilt which is so know I love bright colours don't you?

We, that is my main man and I were planning to have coffee and the Toronto Star in bed this morning just to relax and be like the old days of staying in bed and reading the paper on Saturday mornings then have a brunch and the day would go from there. Well no such luck, it's now 9:45 and still no paper. Ah well next week...

It's a sunny sunny day in Whitby, yipee, and another walk is in store for me to enjoy. You know if you face the sun, close your eyes, even on the coldest day, you can feel the warmth on your lids. It's wonderful to feel!

I am making a list of the projects that I want to make for next year. I do have one for the boys that will blow their socks off and since they might, I say might loosely read this blog, I can't tell you but if you write here, I'll tell you on your blog. I think it would be a fabulous idea for any boy 6-60 for sure.

Lisa posted on my blog, saying she loved the Missouri weather...I first thought she wrote misery weather, but she loves winter. I am going to try and think like she does. Looking out the patio door this morning and seeing a bit of fresh snow does make it look like a winter wonderland. So I am going to try and look for the silver lining on this day.

Kelly's banana bread turned out amazing. It did make two loaves though and I 'll post it next time. Yummy yummy and she says it's calorie free......yeah right.
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