Friday, December 19, 2008


I found these little houses on a blog that is called getting stitched on the farm I think.
aren't they cute? I am not too crafty when I'm by myself, but when the grandkids want to do something at the cottage, I usually can come up with something. These are great as they use cardboard, glue and birch bark which we have lots of at the cottage.

They do look christmasy here, but put green under them and they become all year round little houses.
We are expecting a winter storm of storms so it seems. But, here in Whitby as I write this and get started for the day, it's looking just like a normal dark day without the sun. What else is new. Today I am sewing and finishing the baking for my family brunch on Sunday.

So close to Christmas and so much to do...I am off to do it.
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