Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here is Quincey. He is in the toy basket and loving it. I got my camera back from the repair shop in two weeks! I couldn't believe it. They said it would be about 3-6 weeks and I thought I wouldn't have it for Christmas....
Anyway, I am trying to start sourdough. I looked online for instructions and it has been three days since I started it and I thought it would rise each day but it hasn't. I can't seem to find any place that says what the starter should look like. Well tomorrow I'm going to try to make bread anyway. I hope it turns out.

I took this photo because I was stressed over the dough thing and thought that since we are puppy sitting I'd walk him and Wilson to relieve the, you worked. I'm good and making pizza for tonight as a treat to us...
The bridge luncheon was so yummy, everyone ate almost all afternoon and I didn't even have dinner as I was still full of the goodies. Everyone brought a great dish which included, shepherd's pie, a great potato dish, (ordered from last year), a veggie dish with oodles of cut up veggies. We even had sweet potatoes from one of the local restaurants and for some people it was the first time having them. You know they're good even cold, didn't know that.
The deserts of course all homemade and the most colourful, delicious fruitbowl brought by Kathy who is a potter and it was in one of her lovely bowls. We had fern tarts, butter tarts, date squares, and lots of great Christmas cookies to round it off.
The wine flowed, the tea and coffee, and the mineral water that was our "juices" just finished everything off.
Our hostess who has the most fabulous of kitchens was perfect in her duties of having our social group there for the afternoon. And so special was the day that we had sunshine for at least most of the afternoon. What can I say...thank you all and specially Gudrun.
I am "messing up the kitchen" as Jerry says when I get creative and since my gang is coming Sunday, I have started with the cooking.
My friend Helen who introduced us to Luchious Lemons from Paula Deen would be pleased that they are requested by Kelly who called it Martha Deen's recipe from Helen....Good things...
I don't think I'll be back here until after our snow storm which is expected tonight and Saturday too. Ah well it is winter and we should have a white Christmas.... Right?
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