Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Each time we return to the cottage there is always the anticpitation that all will be well. You know, no power outages, no heavy wind damage and everything intact. We never worry about break ins, as we are so far out on the lake that few boats ever venture this way, except the cottagers in the area and we watch for each other anyway.

We left our flowers with the automatic sprinkler on the timer and something went wrong...The flowers are all alive, but under great stress! The bidens, which are the small yellow flowers in the baskets and the million bells took a real kicking, and I hope that with Kelly coming up in two days that she will tell me what to do as she is a real gardener and knows if I should cut them back or what. I have really watered them and am not adding any fertilizer till she gets here. The flowers posted here are fakes, and look so real that most people touch them to make sure. A great buy and they sit on the table all the time.

I bought these two double fat quarters at wall mart because I just loved the patterns in them.
The yellow one will have yellow sashings and I think making 9 patch will just be something that will make my heart happy.

The other has black and a very pale lime green in it and I don't know if it shows up really well in the photo and that's why I added the ribbons to show the colours in the fat quarters. I love them both very much and wonder if my girl will want one of these. She didn't take the blue and whites that I made as they were not her colours although she loved the patterns.

You wouldn't believe how much stuff I have all over the place here in the sun room of the cottage. I have too many projects on the go and don't want to tell what the big one is right now as I am not the best at what I am doing, but so far so good with the $5.00 fabric. I am almost done so can post in a couple of days.

My sweetie is thinking that needle point might have been a better travelling hobby because every time we come back from the city I am packing a huge bag of quilting stuff. I am currently using what used to be his sailing bag
and it's always full. I told him it was the last
time for this summer ....I think....

Here is my little guy all cleaned up. I love his profile better than the front of him, even though he is show quality....I know, I know, I am bragging....but he was the only one in the litter so we took him with all the conditions that the breeder wanted....anyway I think his jaw line is a bit weak but his profile is amazing!

OMG, it's hot! I never thought after the cold of the winter last that I would say this, but it is
very humid so I am feeling it. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact as Karen said that in Arkansas, it's hot and humid there too. It's summer and it's supposed to be hot. And in Canada we only have one subject that is constant....the weather....I wonder if people in, say Australia talk of it, or in British Columbia who talk of the rains they get, and then there is Ireland....don't they get rainy weather a lot too? It's an ice breaker I think.

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