Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You know you are retired when......all these grand
kids need something on the same day...

The two girls on the right need a ride to go shopping and the girl in the middle is getting her kayak delivivered and the boy is getting ready to descend on us with a friend for the weekend so that means lots of shopping today.

So, with the orthopedic surgeon cancelling my appointment to look at my bunion and a hammer toe that I tell you I inherited (thanks) from my mother's side of the family, I am put off for another few months of consulltations. It's something that I don't want to put off as I get older because I look at my mother's feet and she didn't do anything about her problems, which she inherited etc. I know that there are not many surgeons who specialize is surgeries below the I am fortunate that it will only be one year before he operates or at least gets a cancellation and I get in sooner. I have patience, my sweetie was very disappointed for me, but that's life and it's ok for now.

Thank you all for complimenting me on the photo on my blog. It was taken 3 years ago and I have so few of me as I am always the one taking the pictures that there aren't that many and that one was taken by my friend Linda. So then, my friend Barb in Florida gave it to her son for his photoshop study and he returned it to me with a BVI beach in the background. It's my favorite place on earth, so I posted the photo because of that. The beach is where Jimmy Buffet used to go in the 70s and 80s on the Savannah Jane, his sailboat. (A story for another day)

Karen has awarded some of her regular blogging friends a friendship award and I was included. It is appreciated. After a year and a half of quilting and blogging I find that both of these things have taken on a life of their own. Don't you agree? I so look forward to see what everyone that I follow is doing, and visiting others just to see if we have a connection besides the quilting, then I add them to my blogroll. Some don't visit that often, but I still like to see what they are doing with their lives.

Just a couple of questions that pop up to me sometimes...why do some bloggers have security and others not. I don't, but it's probably because I didn't know how to do it at the time. The other is why some people have such beautiful headers and sidebars etc and I, for the life of me cannot seem to do anything without screwing it up. Yeah, yeah Crispy noted a site for new bloggers with all kinds of hints, but I must have brain locks in there as I didn't really figure it out.

I am finishing reading JackDawe by Ken Follett, an oldie but a goodie. It's a great espionage story. Kelly, my daughter as you know loves to read and Robert Crais is her favorite author with a recurring character. She loves Joe Pike, so she is off to the second hand bookstore to buy up what she can find of Robert Crais...

Yesterday, the dog from you know where went to the groomers. I almost didn't recognize him when they gave him back. When I took him in, was so dirty, with tufts of mud I think on his Westie whiskers from hunting mice at the cottage and long overgrown hair on his legs. (forgetting to shave) so he is now white and looking quite handsome. However he spent quite a bit of time last night rubbing on the carpet. I think he was quite itchy from the shavings...He's a handsome little guy though.

Oh, our neighbours next door have a Newfoundland puppy. Well he's now about the size of a shetland pony but so very cute. It's funny to see a dog that size doing all the puppy stuff, but with his long legs he falls over a lot. He is apparently eating anything that is in sight in the house and the mistress of the house says he is like a vacuum cleaner so her housework is done in half the here. They put out one of those kiddie pools for the "puppy" yesterday and when they turned on the water hose, the dog tried to eat the hose...We were all howling as the master of the house got soaked protecting himself. The cats that belong there make the dog's life as miserable as they can. You do know about cats don't you.....they are only 5 minutes away from leaving their captures....except for the good food they get, they would be gone in a flash!
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