Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are home for a few days. The baby photo is of the baby in our family, Adam ; he is 46 years old today. Now of course he has a family of his own and has more clothes on usually.

The photo below is of Jeremy who als just turned 14 on Sunday and graduated last night from 8th grade.

He looked so handsome, in a dark tux like suit, a blue vest and white patent leather shoes! Yes the shoes were what he wanted. He looked so sharp. The school this year had 4 classes graduating so it was a packed house with over 600 people attending the ceremonies.

The girls of course were dressed as if it was a Hollywood premiere. They all looked so grown up. Then there was a slide show that showed how they looked in real life. they all cleaned up real good as the saying goes.

And the high heels. I mean 3 and 4" worn by these girls. Mind you some had difficulty walking, but oh well, we have all been there.

On the right is a photo of the birthday boy at two years old. He and his sister used to love wearing hats while playing their games at our old house.
The photo is one that is cherished by their mother and me. So very very cute....because they grow up so fast. Jeremy is now taller than me and I thought he was 15 not 14. But that was ok as he knows his Nana forgets some things at times.
So, we came home for the orthopedic appt for me and can you believe they cancelled it this afternoon after waiting for months. A foot specialist is difficult to find, so we are making it for September when I return from the cottage for good. Also my old doctor didn't order xrays, so I must get those done before I see him in the fall. We came home for this and there was a screw up in communication as I would certainly have had the xrays for goodness sake.
But on the good side, my sweetie gets to spend the day with his granddaughter, by delivering her kayak to be loaded for the time trials this weekend. We just want her to do her best. She is very calm and we are nuts with anxiety....
I bought some fabric to take to the cottage, as I am going to be on a roll in the next couple of weeks. I have a 9 patch design in mind and Crispy inspired me to do some yellow sashing for what I want to do. It's summer and I cannot work on pale fabric...it just doesn't work for me.
Oh, gee I gotta post this story...I was sitting on the dock on Sunday and I noted to my sweetie that I had to shave my legs because I was going to the specialist....anyway, I look at the one leg and it seems ok.....I am so fair that I really don't need to do it often....I noted that since one seemed to be more in need of shaving than the other that I may have shaved the same leg twice....he is still laughing....
As a treat, I went for a pedicure and manicure...OMG it felt so good. I am going to treat myself more regularly to this absolute bliss of a treatment. Particularly the pedicure, that was a real treat.
We are having great weather! That's all I can say, I don't care if it's hot, or humid as I just am happy to not be cold. It's summer!

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