Friday, June 26, 2009


I am not an experienced sewer by any means. But I decided to recover the cottage sofa cushions when I found this sturdy fabric for $5.00 per metre. It wasn't the easiest to sew although I used heavy thread and pinned a lot. I am awful at zippers, I mean awful so this was quite stressful for me to do. My friend Dawn who is like me and doesn't profess expertise either, but boy can she do zippers! So when in the city, she does all the zipper stuff for me. Well I did my best and I am not taking photos of the zipped backs.

I can't believe the difference it gives the room,
so much more airy and light. I wanted this change
for a long time. I still have some pillow backs to do
and think I should have bought 20" size cushions
instead of the 18". but I can also put some of
these outside on the deck furniture if I get to that. Wilson loves the new covers too. As soon as I put them on, he hopped up and went to sleep

The plants seem to be recovering from the shock
of yesterday although the bidens really will have to be trimmed quite a bit. Otherwise all are looking pretty good. I was so worried because you know I paid so much for these plants and I did not anticipate having to spend any more money on flowers this summer!

My hummers seem to have mostly disappeared. I haven't really seen any males for a while, and the few females that come to the feeders are just in and out, so I think the eggs are laid and incubating
or maybe the babies are born. I have seen other
little young birds recently and so I am anticipating
young hummers.

I must finish painting the black chairs if the weather permits tomorrow. Then I don't have any other projects scheduled except making quilts.

I haven't made one in at least 6 weeks, so I am a bit antsy to start . I do have a top finished, but I think I'm cutting and sewing nine patch squares next week.

You can see the old red covers here on the photos and how so much brighter the new ones are. I was also thinking of painting the pine out, but crikey, that would be too much work for this old
girl. So it will stay as it is.

My girl is coming for the weekend with Jeremy and a friend. I have lots of food and am hoping to get fresh berries to make strawberry rhubarb muffins for them when they come.

I am making pizza for tonight, so have enough dough to make another to keep for tomorrow. I find that I am able to cook the pizza the next day and it's still really good. My sweetie could eat pizza 7 days a week I think...If anyone wants the super duper easy dough recipe, I'll post it. It makes bread if you don't want the second crust.

Have a great weekend all...

PS...quiltqua has a great giveaway. go to their site and see.

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