Sunday, June 21, 2009


Everyone is making bags these days. I made this for food shopping and beach too. It's 15" wide, 7" side panel 22" high. I stitched the straps all around the bag to make it really sturdy to be able to hold heavy groceries. Also the strap is long enough to fit over the shoulder. I actually made two, though they are not belonging to me. One for Mary who visited and the other for my neighbour who is just super. This is the fabric I bought at Fabricland for $5.00 per metre and it's outdoor fabric so it's sturdy. I also reinforced the seams. Easy peasy. About 40 minutes of work and I now have the pattern down pat. I could reduce the size or add, whichever suits me and the fabric of course.
Ah, it's Sunday morning at the lake. We had rain just as Mary, Bob and their red dog left yesterday afternoon. By the time my sweetie came back after the 12 mile round trip, he was quite wet. Now, it's morning, the lake is calm, the birds are singing, although not in harmony and the fish are jumping right out of the water. Isn't the sun wonderful? I never take the morning sun for granted. It sets my day, my mood and my energy.
We are thinking of going home today, as one of our grandsons is graduating tomorrow, however we can go tomorrow morning too. Depends on what happens as the day progresses. My instincts say tomorrow morning. It's only 2 1/2 hours to home, lots of time to change and be presentable for the boy! He has rented a "cool" outfit. I have been instructed to bring the telephoto lens to ensure great shots of him graduating.
We actually watched an old HBO movie last night about AIDS...And the Band Played On. It was such a wonderful little movie with Mathew Modine as the principal player. And all based on facts of the terrible desease that has stricken so many. I recommend it highly.
I am currently reading Ken Follett, Jack Dawe's about the French resistance during WW2 and from the German side too. Very compelling. I don't know who "Jack Dawe" is yet, as I'm just into the book. Very very good read so far.
We are going home the Mennonite way when we go as they grow the best strawberries which I hope are starting to come. The local berry season is so short for all of us that just getting to eat them for a few weeks is wonderful. Strawberry shortcake, and I have rhubarb saved to make a strawberry/rhubarb pie too. I also make.....when the gang is here...a sort of strawberry trifle thing that the kids actually put together and it's also one of the family favs.
I'm going to sit on the dock this morning with my coffee and my book and my little white dog will follow and sleep in the morning sun. Doesn't that just sound good?
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