Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday was a sunny warm day at the cottage.

My sweetie is running out of big jobs to do so he has been cleaning out his workshop. Yeah that's it there and it is so tidy! I can't believe he has all the screwdrivers all lined up in sizes and what kind they are! Oh, yeah my family can as he is very organized...right Kelly? Anyway, we had this umbrella that we bought when we first came to the cottage...It was useless at the dock as if a little breeze came up and I mean little breeze, the thing would do what umbrellas do and we'd have to take it down. It was quite expensive and we could not discard it at all. We also had to replace one of the base parts in the first monthe we had

it because of the wind....So, it's been under the

cottage for about 9 years. It looked mouldy and

at first my sweetie just thought it might not be

feasible to fix it.

Well, we took the fabric part off and put it in the

wash and it came out perfect. A bit of cleaning

a new rope to raise it and now he has shade at

the workshop....I think he's going to move in

there as he loves the fact that it's a clean shop,

it has a view of the lake and the flowers.

Speaking of....did you note the way I moved

on to the next topic? Well the bee balm is

out in bloom and the hummingbirds should

be able to find them anytime now. I have

not see one at the flowers, but I did see a

few yellow finches there yesterday at the


The hummingbirds love the feeders and with the cool weathers we have been having they are quite vigorous eaters of the necter in the feeders.

This is what I put together yesterday. I am out of white fabric to complete a small quilt. Since we are heading home for a few days, I'll replenish my white and see if I can do something regarding the back of this quilt. I love the bright orange in the pieces. Orange is such a happy colour don't you think?

Yesterday was such a productive day.. I cleaned the cottage, even the floors got done and I still had energy to do the squares...I have been suffering a bit of arthritis and have started taking apple cyder vinegar...It tastes absolutely awful by the way....and I am for now pain free!

I hve no idea why it works like this, but I read on the web about it's benefits and so thought to try it. My girlfriend Dawn is going to try it too to see if it's a fluke that I'm without pain, also my daughter is going to test it too for her little aches and pains. It's a research program in progress.

Am off for a few days I think.
I had a bit of a problem with the blogger, so it's a bit wonky now. The post looked good before I started to fix it....

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