Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I finally finished the nine patch yesterday. I love the look of this quilt made from Walmart fat quarters, two bundles plus one of mine to be exact. It measures 62 x 65 approx.
The yellow in the sashings is a soft shade and I did the back plain yellow to just co ordinate the look I wanted.
I was trying to make it look like the two twin hand quilts that I posted earlier. The total effect is just a sweet little quilt.
I am today, going to work on the black quilt. After posting last week that I was looking for some striped black fabric, I decided that since it's just going to be a lap quilt, that what I have is sufficient to make a completed quilt once I add the black borders to it. Helen, (my private free teacher) was over yesterday and helped me with the layout and it's quite different. She made the design for me from her memories of blocks and I learned something different about this craft.
She also is completing a double irish chain quilt in soft pinks, with a pale little dotted centre and it is just so delicate in looks that I wanted to make one right away. Helen thought we should make it more modern in colours so it will be done as she saw the colours blending. I like the fact that Helen makes little coloured blocks out of paper for my lessons. She then helped me decide on the size etc once the fabric was picked. A good lesson yesterday about seeing blocks.
My friend has a Janome 9000 and since she is a hand quilter has never looked at whether the machine has free motion abilities such as the 6600 that I have. With her arthritis sometime hindering her mobility to do more than a small amount of hand quilting, she is moving to the machine for some of her tops that haven't been quilted. Does anyone know how this is model operates?
One of the best things that ever happened when my sweetie bought me the machine last year was to include the table....My goodness it really makes a huge and I mean huge difference when sewing quilts. Helen is looking for one for her machine or her sweetie will make one for her. I am actually going to have one made this winter to fit my other Janome. It will make those that come to sew with me able to have the comfort of the table.
Did I tell you that I finally ordered from Moda? Oh yeah, two, not just one Jelly Rolls. Oh Cherry Oh that I have admired while looking at blogs and loving the colours in the Jelly, so not only did I order one Jelly, but two and for the life of me cannot remember as I write this what the other was. But Helen has "Wonderland" which she has done in blocks already. So pretty that I may do mine like that too. The Fat Quarter shop had my Jelly on sale, along with the other so with the taxes, dollar exchange, I am saving quite a bit to have it shipped to Canada.
See you tomorrow dear friends.....
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